Stuff you are terrible at

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Stuff you are terrible at

Post by Charlar » Mon May 22, 2017 6:47 am

Everyone has a sort of knowledge/skill they suck at in particular, what is yours?
Mine is electronics overall
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Re: Stuff you are terrible at

Post by mad bum » Mon May 22, 2017 10:44 am

Arts in general like drawing, sculpting, creating. Also I suck at keeping in touch with others and hear about it a lot.
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Re: Stuff you are terrible at

Post by CommieCatGirl » Mon May 22, 2017 3:40 pm

Connecting with people on an emotional level unless it's talking with someone specifically to hate on other people.

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Re: Stuff you are terrible at

Post by VoiceOfReasonPast » Mon May 22, 2017 4:14 pm

Music, specifically making it. I can appreciate it, but don't ask me to make up my own.

EDIT: Oh, and on the video game side of things, I eally suck at Star Control 2 and similar games. I'm already pretty terrible at Asteroids-style controls, but then you add in stuff like gravity and other ships to fight against, and I usually end up acclerating way too much.

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Re: Stuff you are terrible at

Post by Kugelfisch » Sat May 27, 2017 3:38 am

Socially, respecting other people's feelings. I'm very blunt. I just can't do the whole "My condolence" kinda shit. I'm much too pragmatic about such things and often feel I come off as rude but still can't care about it.
People are way too prissy for my taste. They take shit to heart I don't even think about as a big deal. I have a very easy time to just ditch people and think hurt feelings is shit for faggots. I'm very insensitive when I don't meant to be that way. I just don't see that faggot shit as relevant as most people seem to think.
Every single grading paper from school highlights that I'm smart but don't take care of other people's feelings enough. Every single last one of them from first grade on.
It had already gotten to a point where I thought something is wrong with me. But no, it's just bitches being overly sensitive.

In vidya it's RTS and shoot'em ups I'm just plain terrible at.
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VoiceOfReasonPast wrote:
Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:50 pm
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Re: Stuff you are terrible at

Post by Auli » Sun May 28, 2017 12:51 pm

Seeing other people as actual people. Over two decades I've grown into mostly faking interest in people. I believe I am severely social retarded.

I'm good with electronics, but they hate me. Everything I touch makes something negative happen.

I suck at life. I¨'m a walking Murphy's Law. My fuse is so short nowadays.

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