What have you been banned for on other forums?

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Re: What have you been banned for on other forums?

Post by Kugelfisch » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:06 am

Something Awful sure lives up to it's name. If I had to name something I hate about the place, other than the shit mentioned, it would be the terrible humor they all seem to share. This kinda dad-joke humor with a hipster attitude. It's okay because they know it's lame, they will claim. Fuck'em! On the list they go!

Habermann is a loony. He used to be your typical goth/emo faggot, just of the "don't come to school tomorrow" variety rather than the writing poetry kind.
I still have my Metokur T-shirt. I guess it's pretty much an artifact at this point. I can't imagine there existing more than five of those.
Hail Eris, all hail Discordia!

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